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Family house "U dubu"

adresa: Praha 4, Braník, ul. U Dubu
investor: soukromá osoba
projektant: Atelier 6, s.r.o.
projekt: 01/2006
realizace: 04/2008

The main intention was to modify and reconstruct an existing family house with two-dwelling units into a single unit - villa - house in order to respond to new functional , compositional and aesthetical requirements of the client.

Proposition principles:

1. Creation of a major entrance part by connecting the existing house staircases.
2. Central staircase with lift design
3. Relative interconnection of the residential areas and creation of atypical interiors to dissolve through whole building
4. Adapt the exteriors to the designed interior
5. Complete main principles with essential technical solutions, details and suitable materials

The reconstruction of the family house was very extensive. It has solved new building space layout and reconstruction of whole building itself (windows, floors and railing exchange, existing facade repair and new facade etc). This proposition has also solved the exchange and modification of the technical background areas and public supply system (water supply, sewerage etc). From the existing house preserved only the supporting construction which has been also adjusted in few places.

Description of original situation:
Family two-dwelling house with an axial symmetrical placement of two uniform housing units. The house is located a very slopy terrain, therefore it was designed as a multilevel building. The building has one subterranean and two overground storeys. The roof construction is partially flat and partially to segmental arch like on the surrounding buildings.

Description of the proposed building:
The proposed building conversion connected two-dwelling units into one apartment. All duplicitys (stircase, boiler-room, two main entrances) were removed and functionally replaced with new layouts to correspond and siut one dwelling unit family house – villa.
The central glazed staircase area with an elevator entering through the whole building and other areas are attached to it in different levels (residential area, sociable area, recreational area, private are, chill-out area, etc). These areas are also connected with apertures in places of original side-staircases.
The building itself is well oriented – the residential areas facing the south, other areas (with less light requirements) facing the north.

Materials: stone, wood, stainless-steel, glass, terazzo, vitrabloc (glazed blocks)
Furniture: mostly atypical (designed by architect A6)


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