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SCHUSS Headquarter

adresa: Šterboholská 55, Praha 15, Hostivař
investor: SCHUSS Praha, s.r.o.
projektant: Atelier 6, s.r.o.
projekt: 2001
realizace: 2003

The intetion of the invesor was to build a new headquarter of the company SCHUSS Praha, s. r. o., which deals with sales and service of Toshiba products for office and information technology. The new andministrative and warehouse facility was built in Prague 15, in the industrial area between the streets K Pérovně and Štěrboholská.

The administration building has two floors, ground plan dimensions of 43.1m x 19.1 m. The location of the building in the eastern part of the ground allows the use of the central and western part of the ground for parking and storage manipulation area in front of the stock parts.

The main principle of the internal layout of the building is the open staircase hall, which operationally and visually connects the two floors. The hall is the central communication space in which inputs are directed from offices and conference rooms, exhibitions and workshops, and serves as a foyer for meetings or smaller conferences. It is naturally lit by skylights. The facade of the building is covered with steel sheet metal cartridges, windows and entrance doors are made of aluminum. The outdoor steel structures, escape staircases and hanging canopies are galvanized.


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