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Fashion Salon

adresa: Praha 1, Pařížská 11
investor: Sebastian, s.r.o.
projektant: Atelier 6, s.r.o.
projekt: 06/1994
realizace: 04/1995

Design and implementation

The Men's Fashion Salon "SEBASTIAN" in the Pařížská street, in the city center of Prague, was located to the ground floor, mezzanine and the basement of the building.

Originally, the space was divided into individual floors connected with a rear courtyard staircase. The proposal was to connect the indivividual spaces and to develop a bigger sales part.

The ground of the building has been mentioned as the most valuable central space. In the middle of the salon, opposite the entrance to the store, the central design steel staircase was designed, which allows to access to underground retail space. This staircase divided the space to a seating and the box office area. The objective was "to divide" (Ermenegildo Zegna and Versace), but also visually and materially connect the premises. The furniture was designed simple to highlight the offered models.


The space can be divided as follows:

a / Ground floor
a.1 shop with a central staircase to the basement and a side staircase
to the mezzanine
a.2 daily room
a.3 office
a.4 kitchen
a.5 cleaning room
a.6 toilets for employees
a.7 staircase to the basement

b / mezzanine
b.1 gallery with a staircase
b.2 selling space
b.3 sitting and dressing cabins
b.4 facilities (office, kitchen)

c / Basement
c.1 selling space, podium, fitting rooms
c.2 facilities (changing rooms, toilet, shower)


The interior furnishings was designed with a predominance of atypical wooden components in combination with glass and metal. The floor of the retail space was designed as a wood-parquet, the walls are white.


In a short period of time the salon got many awards and it became one of the starting points for our further development.


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