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foto: Peter Fabo


Port Kratochvilovci

adresa: Praha 7, V Přístavu 2
investor: Kratochvílovci s.r.o.
projektant: Atelier 6, s.r.o.
projekt: 2015
realizace: 2015

Location: riverbank - urban development within the backwater of Vltava river in the former Prague marina, Holesovice (Czech Republic)

Today's marina faces highly dynamic changes. Contemporary urban development of the area embraces the industrial heritage of the docks and seeks dialogue through modern architecture.

Right there, we had a new space to design. 130 sqm ground floor commercial space is located on the corner at the waterfront. The client asked us to combine variety of functions; from wine and liquor store from all around the world, hotspot for degustation to office space and storage.

The overall space has industrial look. Polished concrete floors are highlighted by black-painted walls. There is no suspended ceiling therefore the uncovered concrete materiality of the construction slab is simply carrying the industrial lighting.

The interior is divided by a sculpture - bended partition wall creating various places. The partition wall has shelves made of light birch plywood that carry bottles in horizontal lines attached to it. Benches, chairs and tables for degustation are located alongside the window-illuminated wall. Working desk is made from old oak planks supported by black metal structure.

All the fragments mentioned above create unique atmosphere of Port Kratochvilovci. This place smells like a port mixed with exotic wine and drop of fantastic liquor. The showroom and headquarters of the company is perfect invitation to taste and buy the product using all senses.
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