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Multifunctional Center Jihlava

adresa: Romana Havelky, Mostecká, Jihlava
investor: město Jihlava
projektant: Atelier 6, s.r.o.
projekt: 2004

The main reason for processing of the urban study has been the growing importance of the city Jihlava, in connection with the construction of the shopping center and the "aquatic paradise" and the associated need for the rehabilitation of neglected and derelict land along both banks of the Jihlava river.

The main requirements of the award was to create a comprehensive multifunctional campus, which will serve to customers with various interest groups to organize local events, of nationwide and international importance.
In terms of functional recovery it will be:

1. sports hall with the ice area - sports, congresses, exhibitions, concerts ..
2. multipurpose hall - capacity of 800-1200 people, sports, 2 lecture halls, classrooms, library, snack ...
3. Restaurant - 160 seats, twin parlors, full board
4. Hotel - capacity of 200 beds
5. Parking - capacity 250 people, services for motorists
6. Housing type -boarding capacity of 150 seats as the possibilities

The area of interest - The draft resolution assumes the transport connections between Mostecká and Rošického street connected to the communications Jiráskova street and the location with parking in front of the "water paradise" and across the new roundabout to the road I/38 and the highway D1.The existing Mostecká street is completed with a two-way path, and provides for modifying the intersection with the street Romana Havelky.

The existing underpass to the Tyršových sadů park is designed for pedestrians and cyclists. The coal campus depots are displaced and its location is established for a parking for 514 cars.

The studied area - On the left bank of the Jihlava river is located a luxury five star hotel "B" with a maximum capacity of 261 beds in 143 rooms. The hotel has a L-shaped ground plan and rooms with terraces overlooking the river or the swimming pool. The pedestrian access to the hotel is the newly created square between the companys Start and Hypernova. The traffic service guarantees a new one-way communication between the two supply roads at Kaufland and Hypernova.

Opposite of the gas station a three floor building "A" is being build, which follows the street line Hypernova, while obscuring the existing sports hall building unsightly. In terms of functional use of space is the universal use of the meals (pizza, restaurants - a supplement to the luxury hotel restaurant), trade and services, or culture (cinema) or the administration.

Along the halls two main walking routes highlighted with grown greenery are designed. One is led through the center square and headed to the main entrance to the hotel, which is emphasized by a high-rise landmark of five overground floors and the second is led around the entrance to the hall around the Start hotel and is connected by a pedestrian bridge over the weir to the Mostecká street and the underpass and continues to the street Tyršových sadů.

The riverside is designed to revitalize. Efforts were made to maximize access to the river on both sides.

On the right side of the river bank a circular stadium "C" with a capacity of 7 500 spectators is located. The other side of the square is the object of the convention center with a multifunctional hall "E" for sports, culture and congresses. The entrance is oriented along the main road. Both buildings are connected at the 1st underground floor. The Congress Centre has its own underground garage with 188 seating capacity. On the opposite side from the main entrance to the convention center is located a "dinning area" with a restaurant and a terrace overlooking the river.

Along the river, just below the tennis courts, is designed a building "D" with accommodation. It has four floors and a capacity of 177 beds in 75 rooms. The rooms are oriented to the river and to the tennis courts campus. It has its own underground parking for 40 cars.

The bed of the river Jihlava is designed to be revitalized and to be cleaned.The barriers should be removed and the bottom of the bed of the river strenghtend with stones. The bases of the banks need to be strengthend as well as the river Jihlava.


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