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Mediaprint-Distribution Center

adresa: Šterboholská 55, Praha 15, Hostivař
projektant: Atelier 6, s.r.o.
projekt: 2000
realizace: 2001

The company MEDIAPRINT & KAPA PRESSEGROSSO deals with the distribution of printed matter in the Czech Republic.The implementation is based on the requirements for layout and operational arrangements of the areal. There is one entrance to the ground for passenger staff, as well as for freight pick-ups, transit and trucks.The administrative part of the company is situated to the calm west part of the ground in connection to the renovated wing of the administration building. The new administration building is connected to the northern part of the reconstructed building.

The completion of the L-shaped room we developed a new representative room in the front part of the building. As well the transformer is hidden behind this new part of the building. The center of the company is the new expedition hall with dimension 42m x 78m. The existing hall is used as a covered area for the expeditions. The expedition hall has on its western side covered ramps for ten trucks, on the eastern side space for smaller expeditions with pick-ups

The hall has two main spaces- the distribution and the expedition hall for sorting, packing and shipping of distributed printed. Both halls are divided with a two floors building containing the auxiliary facilities and changing rooms.

The entrance to the company premises is placed to the sout-west corner of the ground. To the left of the entrance is situated the employees parking. In the nort-west part of the parking, there is the handling area and a ramp for the catering operations. The truck transport is headed in one way around the new expedition hall.

Area of the ground ... 15.600 m2
Area of the building ... 5.891 m2
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