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Funeral hall Turnov

adresa: Markova 310, Turnov
investor: město Turnov
projektant: Atelier 6, s.r.o.
projekt: 2001
realizace: 06/2002 – 10/2003

Project - Profes projekt, s.r.o.
Vegetation adjustments - ing. Drahoslav Šonský
Works of art - Mgr.A. Pavla Gregorová
Graphics - Mgr.A. Milada Fischerová
Technical supervision - ing. Karel Suchý
General Contractor - BAK Trutnov, a.s.
Contractor of the interieur - Truhlářství Kroupa, s.r.o., Domidio, s.r.o.
Area of the building - 1.200 m2
Room of the building - 5.400 m3

Photo - Pavel Štecha

The Funaral hall is situated to the edge of the historical city center of Turnov between the cemetery and the river Stebenka.

The building is placed at the foot of the hill. The way connecting the church, the cemetery and the funeral hall ends with sandstone obelisk.

The main way to the funeral hall is from Markova street. The building is designed so that it keeps a possibility to drive into the background of the mourning hall.

The facade is inspired by the fragment of the old cemetery sandstone wall that is on the hill. The design of the funeral hall respects its sourrounding and reacts to the form of the river. The mourning hall is hidden completely from outside views.

The input is maintained over a long bay between two walls to the entry hall - cross axes and materials: glass, sandstone, wooden decoration, stone mosaic pavement, metal heaven. The ceiling represents the north autumn sky with the constellations Pegasus, Andromeda a Perseus.

The entrance to the mourning hall is through a corridor made out of glass and concrete. The capacity of the hall is 80 seated and 50 standing places. The simple space of the hall with the floor made out of porphyry, a sandstone tile and an acoustical plaster ceiling is complemented by wooden cladding. The dominance of the space are two walls made out of concrete- positive and negative with the motive of irregular concentric ovals.

The front wall of the mourning hall behind the coffin is fully glazed and allows to look into the atrium. After the ceremony, the metal curtain is being closed and the skylight blind is being opened. A sharp beam of daylight shines into the dark hall.

A tall and narrow hall outgoing to the outside of the funerall hall allows smooth process of other funeral ceremonies.

Other spaces for the public is the funerall hall office and the hall for the survivors.

The facilities and operations in the building are barrier-free without any complicated manipulation, this means that a single person can managethe traffic of the public in the building. This aspekt is very important for the price of the whole funeral.

The roofs of the funeral hall are mostly grassy. The external walls are lined with sandstone. An important part of the whole building is the adjustement of the outside vegetation and the outside area.


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