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Dvorecký bridge

adresa: podolské - zlíchovské nábřeží
investor: hlavní město Praha
projektant: ATELIER 6 + TUBES
projekt: 2018
realizace: 2025

The new bridge will cross the Vltava river between Zlíchov and Podolí embankments and it will thus connect Smíchov and Pankrác. The aim is to improve the connection between the city on both banks of the Vltava river in the southern part of Prague, especially for public transport, pedestrians and cyclists, because the entry of individual car transport is not planned in the case of the Dvorecký bridge.

The project designers Tubes and ATELIER 6, were selected based on the basis of an open international competition, which was held by the capital city of Prague in 2018. The winner responds to the conditions of the place, refers to the tradition of the arch bridges without any structure above the bridge and the existence of the cubist buildings nearby. The structure is designed as a prestressed concrete box girder bridge of six spans with a total length of 331,6 meters. The vertical alignment of the superstructure meets the requirement for 1 m clearance above the flood level in 2002. The bridge is formed like a statue. The architects in collaboration with the well-known artist Krištof Kintera expect the realization of an art piece in a form of a multifunctional cubist landscape and a botanical garden of street lights. It is expected to finish the construction of the bridge with its cost around one billion Czech crowns in 2025.


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