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Cultural Center Střelnice Turnov

adresa: Turnov, ulice Markova
investor: KC Turnov, s.r.o.
projektant: Atelier 6, s.r.o.
projekt: 2000
realizace: 10/2008

Designer - Němec Polák
Works of art - Pavla Gregorová, Tereza Svobodová
Costs - CZK 188 mil. (including the interieur, theater technologies and the adjustement of the square)
Area of the building - 2038 m2
Room of the building - 23 480 m3
General contractor - Bak Trutnov
Contracrors - K&N - stavební společnost, DVD Jaroměřice, ALAX

Photo - Filip Šlapal

The Cultural Center is used for various events: the small variable hall, theatre reataurant with a bar, information center, recording studio, big hall, clubhouse, classroom and apartment for the manager.

The house builds a new urban space - opens its groundfloor for everyday activities- the information center on the corner and a reataurant with a garden. The corner of the building is designed so that the church remains the vertical dominance of the square. The west facade reacts to the buildings in the street Markova.

The triangel of three buildings - church, funeral hall and the cultural center are connected with the rythm of columns and materials.

The chosen materials are inspired by the design of the church, the wall in Markova street and on a larger scale the whole region. The sandstone as material of the nearby national park "Český ráj" - the house is a stone block that grinds the tower of the church by removing of materials to various surfaces- the facet is a connection to the old stone working tradition in the city of Turnov.

After the nightfall, with the beginning of the cultural events, shadows reveal the hidden - cross vault.

The Cultural Center has two entrances for the public- the main one from the square, the second one is a barrier-free input from Markova street and the third one is the east-entrance for actors.

On the groundfloor there is the inforamtion center and the reataurant as well as the entry hall with the dressing hall, the bar and the small hall- a variable space on two floor levels. This small hall can be rebuild easily.

The three-spoke stairs with textile wallcoverings, two chandeliers and the skylight support the entry hall on the first floor in front of the main hall. From the foyer you can reach the bar with the outside atrium, the outside balcony above the main entrance and in continuation of the central staircase also the balconies of the halls and the sound booth. Along the sides of the stairs- two entrances to the main halls and between them lifts for the restaurant including facilities are placed. Simple space of the hall- decorated with wooden targets. The stage is accessible from the warehouse facilities and the actors' dressing rooms located on the mezzanine under the stage of the big hall. The barrier-free entrance is connected to the clubhouses with the training-room.

In the third overground floor there is the Cultural Center office and the appartment of the manager. This floor is accesible with lifts.

A part of the front facade of the house will be a work of art from David Černý named "KULTURA".

Characteristics of the building:

A green eye shines in the darkness, it winks and tries to map the surrounding area.The body slowly changes its colour to an ominous purple, then a piano interlude announcing a quarter sounds. The eye disappears and in its place the tomorrows programm shines bright.



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