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Apartments Hudečkova

adresa: Praha 4 - Krč
investor: AT DEVELOPMENT, a.s.
projektant: Atelier 6, s.r.o.
projekt: 09/2005
realizace: 09/2007

Apartements HUDEČKOVA
The apartments are placed in a quiet and easily accessible location in Prague 4 near the city center.

The ground is situated at the intersection of the streets Hudečkova and Bohuslava Martinů in direct contact with the prefabricated houses, but on a larger scale also with villas. In front of the ground there is a uncultivated area which is meant to be a park in the future. The appartement house is placed between the streets Hudečkova and Bohuslava Martinů.

The apartment house is designed as a five floor building with two retreating floors. The composition of the house creates a corner dominance and simultaneously reacts to the sourrounding buildings. The silhouette of the apartment house is divided in three respectively four height structured materials. The different colour resolution of the brick lining supports this impression. For the roofs of the fifth and sixth floor we designed special roof gardens.

The material of the building reacts to its sourrounding – flat land elevated above the surrounding terrain. The corners are lightened by the columns. These spaces serve to cover the outside parking and to cover the building and undergroung garage entrance.

The appartment house has three main entrances with a lift for vertical communication, an entrance to the outside parking and two entrances to the underground garage with two floors. The entrances are designed from the north-east of the street Hudečkova. The south-west part of the land is used as gardens for the apartments at the first floor.

The construction of the object is designed as a monolithic reinforced concrete skeleton, the outside facade is a combination of smooth white plaster, rye brick strip and wood paneling of the corner dominance of the retreating seventh overground floor. The windows are wooden with aluminium outside blinds.

The whole construction is added with small walls from gabion with vegetation, the gardens are divided with hornbeam hedges.

The range of apartmets is very huge. You can find everything from small to big apartments with five bedrooms. All in all there are 57 apartmets in the building. There are four flats at the first floor and twelve flats at each floor from floor two to five. On the sixth floor there are four apartmets (three of them have a big terrace and two have also a garden). On the seventh floor you can find a luxurious apartment with a panoramic view over Prague with a big terrace and a garden.


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